They are the Stars After All 

When talking with a friend, I mentioned that I didn’t know what my first post was going to be about. Should I do an intro? Should I dive right in? She told me “Introduce them! They are the stars after all!”

The idea to start a blog about me & my dogs has been on my mind for a while. How can I express my passion for not only my two dogs, but all pets and animals in general WITHOUT continuing to blab to the people that listen to me on a daily basis? Blog about it. Duh! Now I have an outlet for the cuteness, the hardships, and the rewards. I get to share and grow with an entire community of people that have the same goals and passions as me. Plus, there’s no better place to stalk pictures of other people’s pets… 🙂

So, without further ado, here are my sidekicks:


I got Mona when she was a little pup. I had just moved out of my mom’s house into my very first apartment. I went from having a family dog my entire life to nothing. Let me tell you, coming home to an empty room is not my idea of a home. I want to see tails wagging, tongues flopping, and see the eyes of a family member who is so happy to see me! Needless to say, I didn’t last very long without a dog of my own. My apartment had a weight limit, so I knew I had to find a breed that would work for me that also happened to be under 20lbs. I researched for weeks. My boyfriend jokingly said to me one evening, “What about a wiener dog? That’d be funny.” Strangely enough, a dachshund was on the top of my list.

To completely affirm the fact that it was meant to be, a friend of a friend overheard our conversation and mentioned that his sister just had a litter of dachshund puppies. I think my jaw actually dropped. He told us that a couple have been sold but there were three more available. One of them looked “kind of like a cow.” The very next weekend we were at his sister’s house to look at these puppies. I remember walking to the backyard and thinking, “These look kind of big to be puppies” but I kept an open mind. Silly me, those were the mom and dad. Derp. Our host opened the sliding glass door and three tiiiiiny little puppies just toppled out of the door. The first one to come up to us was the “cow dog” he mentioned before. She fit in the palm of my boyfriends hand and when he handed her to me she curled right up on my chest like she belonged there. So Mona came to be ours. I picked her up a week after that and the rest is history.

I’ve had her for three years now and she is my heart. The first thing that depended on me. The first thing I had to take care of on my own as an adult! She helped me grow up. She helped me through some incredibly difficult times in my life and continues to do so. She makes me laugh daily. She’s such a weirdo. She loves to sleep under the covers and I call her my little space heater.


When my childhood dog (a German Shepherd) passed away, my mom took some time to really decide if she wanted another dog. Like me, she had a hard time coming home to an empty room. Since this would be the first dog/dog breed she got to choose as a single woman, she really wanted to make sure she found the right fit for her and her lifestyle. Her, myself, and Mona were attending a pet expo at one of our local parks when we passed a booth with an adoption group that adopted out retired racing greyhounds. She was enamored. There was one particular adoptable dog there that she was sooo in love with. He was a red/fawn male. A little on the smaller side. I could not pull her away, guys. Finally, when we left and she did more research, she decided that she wanted to adopt one of her own. We found another adoption group, Allies for Greyhounds, and she applied!

The great thing about greyhound people is how helpful and supportive they are. When you adopt a hound from them, you not only get a dog, you join a family. The adoption coordinator helped my mom find several dog candidates that would work for her lifestyle and she ended up with Reo. He is perfect for her. About a year later, my mom and I decided to foster some greyhounds. The kennel is great, but fostering helps them learn how to be a family dog after living their lives on the track. So, we both went and picked a couple dogs to bring home to our respective houses to foster. My only requirement was that the dog in my house had to be small dog friendly, as I didn’t want Mona to be a meal.

Enter Ron. Racing name: My Brother Ron. Yep, he was a foster fail. I only made it through one in-home visit with another family before I realized he already picked his home. He fit in with my little family so well. He and Mona acted like they had been best friends forever. He put up with her craziness and she loved him for it! Now, Ron remains the calm, collected one of our group and I plan on going through therapy dog training with him next year.

There you have it! My partners in crime, my heart and soul. I mean, they are the stars after all. 😉



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Slightly dog obsessed, forever optimist, and always trying to better myself. I'm a 27 year old wandering my way through this life looking for adventures with my two dogs, Ron and Mona.

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