Routines | Fall

I don’t know about you, but routines make me happy. I’m not completely structured in my daily life (not even close!) but there are certain things that I do everyday, once a week, once a month, etc. that help to keep my life moving and make me feel like a semi-productive person. Simple things like… every Saturday I clean the house. On the third Thursday of the month I get together with the girls. Those sorts of things. Even doing things with the dogs count!

Twice a month the dogs get their nails clipped, once a month they get their heartworm & flea prevention, and once a day they get their dental chews. Doing these things with them not only provides a healthy routine for them, but as mentioned, makes me happy! This week we got to knock out two of those. Nail clips at our local (and amazing) Petco and I gave them their monthly topical heartworm & flea prevention. I use Revolution for both my dogs and love it! It’s much easier for me to put it on their neck once a month verses trying to trick them into ingesting a pill or chew. Ron will pick around the chew, spit it out, and avoid it all costs. I’ve never had any problems (i.e. skin irritation, etc.) with Revolution so it’s a keeper in my book πŸ˜‰

Now that I feel (slightly) productive, I feel no shame in endlessly perusing Pinterest for pumpkin spice recipes. Cause September officially means all things pumpkin, right? Right.



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Slightly dog obsessed, forever optimist, and always trying to better myself. I'm a 27 year old wandering my way through this life looking for adventures with my two dogs, Ron and Mona.

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