Newbie Blogger | Cold Weather | Shoulding

Super fun fact! If you delete your images from your media library on wordpress, it deletes them from previous blog posts EVEN IF they’re already published. That’s awesome. Soooo a good chuck of my morning was spent redownloading the original pictures and editing all my posts. I guess I can be grateful that I’m just starting out and didn’t have hundreds of posts! Sheesh. Basically, if you see a past post of mine that has images “unavailable”, that’s why!

I can’t believe October is almost over!

The weather here is getting cold super fast. With the cold weather comes cold dogs. Mona is either 1) a weeny (see what I did there… nudge nudge) or 2) just gets super cold super fast. Trust me, I wish she would wear those super cute little sweaters and let me do photo shoots, but no such luck. Needless to say, her favorite cold weather accessory is…. the space heater!

Stick a fork in her!

She’ll sit there for hours on end if I didn’t turn it off every so often to make her take a break. She’d cook herself! Please note that I resisted a bad hot dog joke there… you’re welcome.

Per usual, Ron doesn’t care. He doesn’t even shiver despite the fact that his skin is thin and he has low body fat. And he will wear sweaters for me! Maybe I’ll crochet him a nice Mrs. Weasley sweater this winter. After I learn to crochet, that is.

Not caring

My “should” list is ever growing. Learn to crochet, crochet Ron a sweater, go to the gym, eat better, etc. Mostly silly, trivial things and sometimes more important, meaningful things. Should should should. A friend of mine once told me to avoid shoulding yourself. Which could quickly sound strange if you say it fast enough. Point being, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to grow and become this extraordinary version of myself. To be the person I’ve always imagined I would be. I put so much pressure on myself to reach these goals that I ultimately sabotage myself with stress. I then feel guilty for “failing” to be the me I want, and end up floating around in this void of… aimlessness? I take myself for granted. I don’t appreciate who I am now and what I have to offer.

Long ramble later, note to self and to anyone else that can relate: stop shoulding. You’re beautiful, smart, kind, and important just the way you are. Cut yourself some slack! (And to think this all came from crocheting…)



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Slightly dog obsessed, forever optimist, and always trying to better myself. I'm a 27 year old wandering my way through this life looking for adventures with my two dogs, Ron and Mona.

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