First Snow | Rabbits (again) | Funerals

A lot has been going on since I posted last. The holidays are always incredibly busy & I think that seems to be the case with most people. That combined with the cold weather and the lack of sunlight (it’s dark by 5:30!!) and all I want to do is cuddle with lots of blankets, the pups, and sleep! We had our first snow this week. Last year Ron met the snow head on and ran and ran around as if he was trying to catch it. This year, he stood right in the middle of the yard and sniffed for a while before acting like it was just another day. Mona… ah, silly Mona. She HATES the snow. Half of the time she refuses to go outside and the other half she stands there in anger, doing her business, and running back inside. When the temperature really starts to drop she’ll start to get “stuck” out there and force me to rescue her. She’ll just stand there with a front paw and back paw up in the air like a dachshund statue. Since the first snow and the weather changing, it seems like rabbits have gotten so much more stupid. I’ve seen lots of them in our yard and tons running out in the middle of the road. A new fun activity for me has been walking the yard at 4:30 in the morning to check for them before letting the dogs out for their morning tinkle because the day finally came…. Ron killed a rabbit. I’ve mentioned before that he caught one. When he dropped it (since they play dead and all), it hopped up and ran away. Well this time, Ron didn’t drop it. He did that thing we all think is so cute when they play with stuffies and shook it real hard side to side… yeaaaaaaah. Bye rabbit. Then OF COURSE he wouldn’t drop it, he was just pacing with this dead rabbit in his mouth. AT 4:30 IN THE MORNING. I just wanted to go back to bed. I just couldn’t even deal, guys. I know its natural and that’s literally what greyhounds were bred to do… and since I’m such a “dog person” I should just expect and handle these things, right? No. No I did not handle it. I wish I could explain to you how truly pathetic I was that morning. After nearly crying in the backyard with a shovel and pillowcase, Adam came outside and took care of it for me. Guys. Ugh. I’m traumatized. Such is life! Let’s just hope Ron doesn’t kill another one anytime soon for my sake.

And finally, the last thing that’s been keeping me and my loved ones so busy lately is that my grandma passed away at the end of November. 😦 This is the first major death in the family I’ve ever had to deal with in my life and its tough. I’m lucky that I haven’t had to deal with it until my adult life, but it’s still a super weird and difficult situation to deal with. I feel more grief and sadness for my dad. The funeral is this weekend and I just hope I can do my part to make everything go smoothly and make sure I’m there for him. This whole thing has definitely made me want to cherish the people I still have in my life and to not take things for granted.

On that note, I hope everyone enjoys the holidays with their friends and family (and of course all of your furfriends)! Don’t forgot to give them all an extra hug and truly appreciate having them in your life.



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Slightly dog obsessed, forever optimist, and always trying to better myself. I'm a 27 year old wandering my way through this life looking for adventures with my two dogs, Ron and Mona.

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