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I never thought I’d Google “how to keep a sock on your dog” but here we are. The good news is we’re done going to the vet twice a week. In fact, we’re done going to the vet once a week! No one is more excited than Ron. The vet and vet techs told me they’ll miss seeing him every week, but they gave us the okay to care for it ourselves at home. We were sent home with an e-collar, ointment, and gauze and told to clean the wound with a warm cloth once a day, apply the ointment 1-2 times daily, and try to keep him from licking. Yeah, good luck with that!

The e-collar was nice in theory, but greyhound’s have tiny little heads that are the same size as their neck so, needless to say, it slid right off even on the tightest setting. It also scared the crap out of him. So, we tried his basket muzzle. It worked, until he realized he was able to lick through the holes in that. I could tape the holes, but he’s not a fan of his muzzle either (what a diva!) and rams his head into the walls in an attempt to get it off. So we tried a sock. Success!… until he got that off too. I tried securing it with a rubber band but I think I’m going to have to resort to tape. I was trying to avoid taping it since I don’t want to cause any more skin irritation/hair loss to that poor arm. I have to keep reminding myself that the wound needs to breathe (thanks thin socks!) and needs to scab over, not get constantly licked and irritated. At least the socks are cute, right?

Instead of going in weekly, we’re communicating via email and I send a picture once every 3-5 days. She gives any advice she can based on what I ramble on about but still reassures me that it’s healing nicely. She also sent me the pictures from the beginning states of the wound treatment so I can look back and see how far we’ve actually come. (Warning, I’ll be posting these pictures soon so squeamish stomachs beware!) I think its hard for me to notice the progress now that I see it every day. I get frustrated that its not scabbing and I blame myself for not being as tough with the anti-licking devices as I should be. I just have such a soft spot for him in my heart right now. The poor guy has been in a cast, splint, padding, sock for close to 3 months now. I just want it to be better! He just wants it to be better! It’s interesting how his mood as shifted since the wrapping has been taken off. I expected him to be happy to not have clunky wraps and padding anymore, but he’s been much more down than usual. He was in a better mood in the several days before the wrap was taken off. It’s almost like he sees it and thinks “oh so that’s what’s under there!” and gets mopey.

Here’s the healing process so far:

after cast removal

afer debridement

first follow up






cleared for home care

2 days home

The plan now is to be more diligent with keeping it dry and clean and to encourage him to use his foot more. We have the annual Spring Fling with our adoption group coming up on the 13th and I’d love for him to be healthy and in good spirits. As usual, I’ll keep updating as I can! You can follow us on Instagram (@delightfullydapple) for more updates as well!



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