I’m Nichole. Here you’ll find all sorts of ramblings about sorting out this adult thing and plenty of stories and adventures with my two dogs Mona and Ron; my partners in crime & my heart and soul. I’m a 20-something living in a world full of friends busy with mom life, trying to find my own place in the world. My passion is animals and I strive to find a way to live a life surrounded by all sorts of furry creatures.


This is Mona. Mona is a miniature dapple dachshund. She rules the roost! At 3 years old, my goals with her include maintaining a healthy weight (dog obesity is a huge problem, especially with dachshunds!) and continuous improvement on her manners and socialization through positive reinforcement training. Mona is my heart dog! 🙂


This is Ron! He is a super laid back, happy retired racing greyhound. He’s 7 years young and my goals with him include therapy dog training as well as spreading awareness and squashing rumors regarding the greyhound racing industry.

So! This page is home to my random, messy, and dog filled life. We hope you’ll join us!