They are the Stars After All 

When talking with a friend, I mentioned that I didn’t know what my first post was going to be about. Should I do an intro? Should I dive right in? She told me “Introduce them! They are the stars after all!”

The idea to start a blog about me & my dogs has been on my mind for a while. How can I express my passion for not only my two dogs, but all pets and animals in general WITHOUT continuing to blab to the people that listen to me on a daily basis? Blog about it. Duh! Now I have an outlet for the cuteness, the hardships, and the rewards. I get to share and grow with an entire community of people that have the same goals and passions as me. Plus, there’s no better place to stalk pictures of other people’s pets… 🙂

So, without further ado, here are my sidekicks: Continue reading They are the Stars After All