Dog Collar Shadowbox

I’m generally NOT a DIY person. I’m not very creative, lets just be honest. I have plenty of ideas, but they just swirl around in a big mess in my head and never come to fruition. Even if they do occasionally show themselves, they end up looking awful and not at all what I imagined. I’ve accepted my fate, though! Not all of us can be superstar crafters and creative geniuses. However! I have had a couple notable exceptions and created things that even I feel okay about. On that note, I thought I’d show you the progress I’ve made in my “dog room”, and my favorite crafty project I’ve done in there. Continue reading Dog Collar Shadowbox


First Snow | Rabbits (again) | Funerals

A lot has been going on since I posted last. The holidays are always incredibly busy & I think that seems to be the case with most people. That combined with the cold weather and the lack of sunlight (it’s dark by 5:30!!) and all I want to do is cuddle with lots of blankets, the pups, and sleep! We had our first snow this week. Last year Ron met the snow head on and ran and ran around as if he was trying to catch it. This year, he stood right in the middle of the yard and sniffed for a while before acting like it was just another day. Mona… ah, silly Mona. She HATES the snow. Half of the time she refuses to go outside and the other half she stands there in anger, doing her business, and running back inside. When the temperature really starts to drop she’ll start to get “stuck” out there and force me to rescue her. She’ll just stand there with a front paw and back paw up in the air like a dachshund statue. Continue reading First Snow | Rabbits (again) | Funerals

Newbie Blogger | Cold Weather | Shoulding

Super fun fact! If you delete your images from your media library on wordpress, it deletes them from previous blog posts EVEN IF they’re already published. That’s awesome. Soooo a good chuck of my morning was spent redownloading the original pictures and editing all my posts. I guess I can be grateful that I’m just starting out and didn’t have hundreds of posts! Sheesh. Basically, if you see a past post of mine that has images “unavailable”, that’s why!

I can’t believe October is almost over! Continue reading Newbie Blogger | Cold Weather | Shoulding

Fall Pictures!

A beautiful, talented friend of mine took fall pictures of us this weekend. I’m not one to do family pictures often (see: never), but I’m so glad I did! She did AMAZING and captured some sweet moments and got some stunning shots of my babes. I know I’ll cherish these for a long, long time. Check her out here!

Continue reading Fall Pictures!

Vet | Overstimulation | Vacation

Whew, this month has gone so fast. It’s been full of birthday parties (my family has 4 birthdays in October, including mine!), vacations, vet trips, and fall pictures. Mona had her annual vet trip earlier this month. She wasn’t up for any of the vaccines I opt to give her, so it was just a physical and some booty work. The vet gave her a clean bill of health! She’s at a good weight, she feels and sounds healthy, but her anal glands were full so they went ahead and expressed those for me. Lucky for me they even did it in the back so I didn’t have to experience that ordeal. Poor Mona probably felt so violated! Hah! That was the first time we’ve had to have that done, but at least she isn’t scooting across my rugs anymore! Continue reading Vet | Overstimulation | Vacation