First Snow | Rabbits (again) | Funerals

A lot has been going on since I posted last. The holidays are always incredibly busy & I think that seems to be the case with most people. That combined with the cold weather and the lack of sunlight (it’s dark by 5:30!!) and all I want to do is cuddle with lots of blankets, the pups, and sleep! We had our first snow this week. Last year Ron met the snow head on and ran and ran around as if he was trying to catch it. This year, he stood right in the middle of the yard and sniffed for a while before acting like it was just another day. Mona… ah, silly Mona. She HATES the snow. Half of the time she refuses to go outside and the other half she stands there in anger, doing her business, and running back inside. When the temperature really starts to drop she’ll start to get “stuck” out there and force me to rescue her. She’ll just stand there with a front paw and back paw up in the air like a dachshund statue. Continue reading First Snow | Rabbits (again) | Funerals


Doggy Dates | Thunderstorms | Rabbits

This weekend Mona got to get out of the house for a while and have a play date with her Jack Russell boyfriend, Camber. Camber is still a puppy so he has a LOT of energy and Mona doesn’t really get to play much with Ron (since he’s generally pretty lazy) so she was pretty excited about the chance to run around and strut her stuff. They’re both around the same size which makes things fun for them, too. Continue reading Doggy Dates | Thunderstorms | Rabbits